Struggling to get pregnant?

My Fertility Navigator was made for you.

My Fertility Navigator was designed for women like you—women who are trying to get pregnant and figuring out how to navigate their fertility journey.

Here’s the deal

If you’ve been struggling to conceive, you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of what your next steps could be. My Fertility Navigator can support you along the way with a wealth of resources, like:

Understanding fertility challenges

Learn more about the things that could contribute to issues with fertility

A fertility treatment overview

Get the facts about fertility testing and explore your options when it comes to treatment

Knowing your insurance coverage

Find out how to navigate the ins and outs of insurance coverage for fertility treatment

Help with finding a fertility specialist

Find a fertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist or RE) in your area who is right for you

Articles and insights

Get information from women like you and read up on changes and challenges during this uncertain time

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Information you actually want to read

My Fertility Navigator goes beyond just a website. We’ll provide you with tools and information that could make navigating your fertility journey a little bit easier. Here’s a preview of what you can expect from us:

  • Information from women like you—and a little moral support
  • Resources to help you prepare for your next step—whether that’s finding an RE or checking your insurance coverage for fertility treatment
  • A guide to working with an RE
  • Tips for choosing a fertility clinic
  • A checklist to help you stay organized
  • Help navigating insurance coverage for fertility treatment
  • Stories and helpful insights from women who have navigated fertility challenges
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