Struggling to get pregnant?

My Fertility Navigator was made for you.

My Fertility Navigator is designed to help women navigate the rocky road of fertility challenges. It’s for when things don’t go as planned. For when you’re feeling stuck. For when you’re not sure what comes next.

Here’s the deal

The My Fertility Navigator Program goes way beyond a website. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Advice from the experts— and a little moral support

Answers to the questions you’re afraid to ask

Resources to help you prepare for what’s next

Information you actually want to read

Here’s what we won’t do: clog your inbox. Here’s what we
will do: provide you with tools that are actually useful, like:

  • A guide to working with a reproductive endocrinologist (RE)
  • Tips for choosing a fertility clinic
  • A checklist to help you stay organized
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